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++ Daa Daa Daa Status : [ Ep 65-66 is @ Re-timing to DVD Raw. Project resumed with Frostii Fansubs ]

++ Sora no Manimani Status : 12 Edit/TS


  1. hi guys!! i hope you can finish the daa daa daa episodes inenglish subs !! i”m really dying to watch it!! hope you guys can make it as soon as possible!! you can make all the daa daa daa anime fanatic really happy!! thanks in advance!!

    • I believe Aone were missing the Daa Daa Daa RAW episodes and thats the reason why they can’t finish it? Right now i’m downloading the Raw episodes that I found and I was hoping if I gave them to Aone, would they sub them? o_o

      • where can i download them??? i’m dying to watch it

  2. I second “bebelle”‘s thoughts.
    I’m rlly dying 2 watch wt happens in the end of Daa Daa Daa.
    I kno u guys r working rlly rlly hard n u hav got ur personal lyf too.Bt its my genuine request if u guys can bring out more epis of Daa Daa Daa.

    Plz n Thank u in advance.

  3. Hi Aone!

    Just wondering about the Daa Daa Daa series! It’s been so long…
    I really appreciate all the episodes you’ve released so far. Just waiting for the rest…I hope it’s soon.

    Thanks and take care!

    • Daa Daa Daa 64 is at the edit stage. However the editor said that she is busy. So you got to wait a bit longer.

        • Eri
        • Posted May 23, 2009 at 10:46 pm
        • Permalink

        Thanks for the update!

        We’ll be patiently waiting.


  4. thx for updating us on the status of DDD
    v r indeed very thankful.
    Hope u guys finish this anime soon.
    Also thank u for updating this site regularly for people lyk us who don’t know much ’bout using mIRC.
    Thx n Regards.

  5. Daa! Daa! Daa! to 78th.
    Hope you the best.
    Patience will always be my virtue.

  6. AonE, will you sell me Daa! Daa! Daa! DVD (clean)?

  7. Hi is there a faster way to get the 45th episode raw with no subs ? . I’m dubbing daa daa daa bi-lingual for a non english forum .
    i patiencly succesfully got ALL the others raw from pd and they are the same as yours .. so in return i can upload (just for aone) DDL somes if needed . please consider my request
    mail me

  8. Hi there, thanks for your subbing of Daa Daa Daa. I really appreciate it. I know where to get the raw files for the remaining episodes if it will help. I also want to help out in QC. If that’s ok. Please email me Thanks

  9. Hi there, I really love your subbing of Daa Daa Daa. In fact I just watched until episode 63 the other day and I am really eager for the rest. I would love to help out. If your problems are where to get the raw episodes I know of I place and I’m willing to QC too.

  10. I don’t understand why my comment keeps getting deleted. I at least deserve a reason to know why.

    • Hi Your posts were not deleted but I didnt mod them since recently. Only spam posts are deleted.

        • Jaz
        • Posted August 25, 2009 at 3:09 pm
        • Permalink

        I’m sorry, I was really eagerly waiting for an answer but my posts disappeared so I freaked out. Sorry

  11. The raws are available on…for episodes 64-78….could u guys plz sub it

  12. the raws for ep 64-78 are available on animea dot net … could u guyz plz sub it

  13. Does anyone know if eps 55, 56, and 57 were subbed and released? If not – why? If so – where can I find them?

  14. still waiting for ur manimani guys 🙂

  15. same raws as yours (no animea) plus filtered and wmv to x264 converted (dubbed ita\jap) are available .. google “Ufo baby dvd-mux [ita+jap] [serie 1e2]”
    must register to italian forum to see megaupload links 😉

  16. I am still waiting for the rest of the Daa! Daa! Daa! episodes!! Hope you guys will start subbing them soon! Good luck. 🙂

  17. hello.. im really hope that you’ll finish subbing daa daa daa! im still waiting for this.. plsss thanks!

  18. I hope you will finish releasing Daa Daa Daa soon. I really can’t wait to watch the rest. Left us at a cliffhanger 😛 Hope subbing for it is going well.

  19. yes, aone no minna-san, we really do hope you can finish daa daa daa.. and for those people who have the dvd raws, please help aone.. they will sub it no doubt.. but without raws.. oh well.. but i”ll keep hoping that someday.. daa daa daa will soon close its book..only few eps left.. T-T

  20. Thanx for subbing Daa Daa Daa. Hope you will finish it soon

  21. yo, thanks

  22. Just msg any of the Ops @ in #AnimeOne on if you can help out in editing or raws supply ! .Thanks


      this is another address for daa daa daa
      it’s prolly all in rapidshare links
      the size is about the subbed version i download from u so i guess the quality should be cool

      another alternative for u 😉

      hope you’d finally finish subbing the series have been a fan of this series and your subbing for a long time

      ps. i dunno how to do irc

  23. Ep 64-78 raw is available at:
    I’ve not dl’d it yet, and so can’t comment on its quality, but wanted to give this info to you before leaving for vacation.
    Sorry, but I don’t know how to do irc; I’m not up to learning it yet.

  24. Ufo Baby – 64 ^^
    Raws 640×480 are available ONLY in japanease p2p and as i saed in an italian forum muxed by s@lsicci@ . Torrent does NOT exist
    check ep 64 to verify quality yourself

  25. As pudzrus said Ep 64-78 raw is available at:
    but the quality is very low however it can be dubbed with the spanish episodes which are in this site

    check the quality of the spanish episodes, if you are satisfied I can dub them and send you the direct links, I don’t know how to use irc so I’ll put the links here after I get your approval

  26. Why not rip the sound on the japanese and put it on the spanish one so we have high quality pics and not so high quality voice!?

  27. That’s what I meant put the high quality episodes of spanish with the japanese sound so that we get high quality japanese I’ll try to dub one episode and put the link here to check in order for me to continue

  28. Can someone tell me what`s happening?

  29. can`t say spanish title has so much better quality, partially yes… but 64 and 70 eps in japanese is just ok
    still prefer to aone to end this show in muxing japanese raws and spanish raws, cause i follow it for 4 or 5 years now +__+

  30. ok this is episoode 67 that I dubbed it I started with 67 cause I’ve read that 64-66 is available so here is the link

    I used the opening and the ending of the aone that have been subbed cause the spanish episode didn’t have them and since it had the same frame width and height.
    Also if the episode is acceptable they won’t have to sub the op and ed.
    Now check for the quality and inform me if you want me to continue with the rest of the episodes, if someone knows how to use IRC send it to them.
    I hope Aone finish subbing Daa Daa Daa to the end.

  31. hi animeone…i just wanted to say thank you in advance for continuing the daa daa daa project…i was beginning to get scared that you have decided to drop the project…anyway, good luck! i’m really really REALLY looking forward to watching more daa daa daa episodes…i so love the anime…thanks and more power to animeone =)

  32. Please visit my site to support Daa! Daa! Daa!

    and visit this link for petition

  33. @ ossignur: do you happen to have anymore of those Italian eps of Daa Daa Daa muxed by s@lsicci@? or a link to the forum with the institutions on how to obtain them since the quality is quite good + they are duel audio.

  34. Horay!!

  35. Hi guys!!! it’s greta to know that daa daa daa will be a joined project with frostii and I hope that you will be able to finish subbing it…

    I would like to ask something…Where are episode 55-57 and if you can seed the episodes again… Thank you!!!!!

  36. @refinder
    read my post “Posted October 14, 2009 at 3:23 am”

  37. where can I know when it’s done?

  38. Oh Come on Aone!!! Please!!! Don’t abandon us we need you!! Please sub the rest of the episodes of Daa!!Daa!!Daa!!

  39. hello

    i found all daa daa daa raw ( i think) high q with mkv

    is it ok with you , you can have it

    and we will wait for this project

    i love your translation …

    thank for all the good work

  40. hello animeone!
    just checking in on the episodes i watched this show three times in my life,

    i was wondering what happened to all the subbed episodes from 65+ i had the ENTIRE series translated by your group or a similar one, like 4 years back what happened?

    did you deleted them or lost them?

    because it was all translated

  41. Umm.. Why there isn’t “Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Love(craft-sensei)” in this list? Atleast in anidb ( it says that AonE is doing it, so why it isn’t in “current projects” -list?

  42. Hey AONE , i was wondering why you guys didn’t have any updates for Daa daa daa since february
    Hope you update it soon and thanks for all your hardwork !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I have been searching all over the net for this daa daa daa episodes. Im so addicted to this anime. but i only got to watch til episode 65. the rest were not subbed. I really hope that u can provide the remaining episodes with english subtitles. The fans of daa daa daa will truly appreciate it if you could finish the rest of the episodes. I really love baby ruu-kun.
    Thanks so much.

  44. 10 more episodes to go. I really hope u will still provide the english subtitles for daa daa daa anime. I really love this anime.

  45. What’s stopping them from subbing the remaining 10 episodes? I understand that they have a lot of other things to do. Its just that, they have started subbing this anime again so why not finish the rest of the episodes?

    I cant move on from this anime knowing that I haven’t finished watching it. We’re almost reaching the climax, then suddenly it stopped. I hope they understand the feeling.

  46. Hey if you like daa daa daa raw just downloading it using DvdVideoSoft the youtube downloader from my youtube channel 😀

    Youtube channel –

    Please sub it soon D:

  47. Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

  48. Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

    Pls FINISH SUBBING the Daa Daa Daa epi 71-78 pls pls pls…….

  49. YO!!! If you have the timed scripts for Daa Daa Daa i can get the raws and mux them myself for you, i can’t guarentee the quality but as a person who waited 4 years for Sugar Sugar rune I just hate having to wait 7 years for this one… i know whining and crying don’t help but c’mon seriuously?!?!? 7 years? even if all you put out is a timed (or even untimed) script it could be finnished and out of your hair forever! i have seen worse anime get all the attention and this beauty get the shaft too many times. now I like pantsu and eroge like the next otaku but this is what I WANT to show my kids. God i wish i was rich…then i would get this and distro in us as an “official” release…keep it comming plz? Arigatou goyazmasu

  50. Please sub daa daa daa quick….we are dying here to watch it

  51. I have the raws… I have the time… damnit someone translate this…even if its a bad engrish translation I can edit, qc, mux and distro myself. right now I am making up a script that has NO relation to the material just to piss off those groups that said they would do this then stalled for years…..

  52. Hi there
    I really like your Daa! Daa! Daa! subs
    I hope you guys finish this series as soon as possible

    Thank You
    Good Luck

  53. Wow, can’t believe the incredible number of whiners here. I stopped fansubbing because I was getting whined and dunned by folks who just couldn’t seem to understand that life takes precedence. I’d like to see Daa3 finished as much as anyone, but I know it will happen when it happens, and thanks to all the subbers of this ultra-cute show!

  54. Is there any possibility, that there are going to be new Daa Daa Daa subs or is the whole project halted. It was only a few episodes till the finale and you did such a great job :D.

  55. Hey I really hope you finish daa daa daa! I also wanted to thank you for all the time you have put into it. You guys are like the only people subbing it. So it means alot to the fans. Thank you!

  56. Good job completing 73 eps. Only 5 more left. Hope you still intend to complete the project. Legions of fans are awaiting.

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