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Its been over 3 months since Sora 10 was released.. I  for one hate waiting around but to be frank thats what you can expect with a closed off group such as aone. Its all about potential but no subs. I thought aone died ages ago but I guess some people in that channel refuse to believe that. Mark my words I dont expect much releases from those slow fucks anytime soon. Cazoo (present group “leader” are you reading this !

And some people asked why I joined Anbu instead, in the last 6 months I have worked on over 30eps whiles aone has only released like less then 14.

In my mind RIP AonE 2002-2009 You be missed but it isn’t bad loss

Comments from readers are welcome ! 😀 Agree or not ?

-X^` ( Anbu/Menclave/gg Timer)

Ex AonE Timer/Snr Crew



  1. Hmmm ….. I’m off 2 minds.

    While I certainly get your anxiety …. hell, I’m almost driving myself up the wall refraining from downloading Sora no ManiMani episode 11 + 12 from another group then AonE so can finish it, before I forget what it was about in the first place.

    I have no idea about the inner workings, but I assume that trying to take charge of a project yourself and get others to follow your lead wasn’t an option or failed hence the frustration of inactivity. In that respect I applaud the decision to seek ’employment’ elsewhere.

    As in the remark that AonE should just die, that’s a tad much imho.

    Anyway, I hope AonE gets back up it’s feet again with a tad busier release schedule. I’ve been picking up series by them for years and I hope to do so for many years to come.

  2. if only suitable raws of Daa Daa Daa could be found… alas, all I could find were crappy thumbnail sized ones…

  3. lolwut? this somehow refreshed my RSS w

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