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Plot Summary: Having been given the opportunity to study at Paris, Noda accompanies Chiaki to Europe as he strives to become the accomplished conductor he always dreamt to be.


Name :
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – 06 [35A6D90E].mkv 238M
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – 07 [8705B048].mkv 235M
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – 08 [4FC6DB66].mkv 235M
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – 09 [9F9D242D].mkv 235M
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – 10 [ED2E955C].mkv 237M
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – 11 [AAEB4D8E].mkv 263M
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – ODA [EDDDADA2].mkv 200M

This can also be obtained via IRC at #AnimeOne or #Frostii on or torrent below :

Download : [Torrent] HD Version

Download : [Torrent] SD Version

I dont watch this show so no screen shots to be expected.


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