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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Plot Summary: Having been given the opportunity to study at Paris, Noda accompanies Chiaki to Europe as he strives to become the accomplished conductor he always dreamt to be.


Name :
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – 06 [35A6D90E].mkv 238M
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – 07 [8705B048].mkv 235M
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – 08 [4FC6DB66].mkv 235M
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – 09 [9F9D242D].mkv 235M
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – 10 [ED2E955C].mkv 237M
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – 11 [AAEB4D8E].mkv 263M
[Frostii&AonE] Nodame Paris – ODA [EDDDADA2].mkv 200M

This can also be obtained via IRC at #AnimeOne or #Frostii on or torrent below :

Download : [Torrent] HD Version

Download : [Torrent] SD Version

I dont watch this show so no screen shots to be expected.


Sora Title


In the story, Saku Ōyagi is a quiet bookworm who moves back to his former hometown as a high school freshman. He meets his childhood friend, Mihoshi Akeno , although a traumatic incident long ago had left their friendship in an awkward state. Despite this, Mihoshi brings Saku into the astronomy club she founded, and this sets the stage for the slapstick romantic comedy that ensues. Reference from Metanorn

Name : [AonE]_Sora_no_Manimani_07_[7D8D63CA].mkv

Size: 223.30 MB

This can also be obtained via IRC at #AnimeOne on or torrent below :

Download : [Torrent] HD Version

Both this eps will out soon. Ep 7 within the next few days.

We didn’t drop this show.