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In the story, Saku Ōyagi is a quiet bookworm who moves back to his former hometown as a high school freshman. He meets his childhood friend, Mihoshi Akeno , although a traumatic incident long ago had left their friendship in an awkward state. Despite this, Mihoshi brings Saku into the astronomy club she founded, and this sets the stage for the slapstick romantic comedy that ensues. Reference from Metanorn

Name : [AonE]_Sora_no_Manimani_06_[39AC7317].mkv

Size: 223.49 MB

This can also be obtained via IRC at #AnimeOne on or torrent below :

Download : [Torrent] HD Version

Download :[DDL Mirror 1][DDL Mirror 2] Thanks to AnimeTake



  1. Is it just me or is the main dialog font really missing?

    • Hmm I dont have this problem. Are you using MPC ?

    • Yeah, I’m using MPC and CCCP. Just checked with previous episodes through Aegisub and mkvtoolnix and at least the SpeakOT-Heavy font (used for dialogs) is not included in mkv. Maybe some other fonts are also missing but I didn’t checked that.
      It’s no big deal though. I will just extract the fonts from previous episodes and install them directly – problem solved.
      And even if I wouldn’t do that it’s not like I couldn’t watch the episode.

        • aonefans
        • Posted August 28, 2009 at 7:49 am
        • Permalink

        Extract the fonts from previous episodes and install them directly ? How did you do that ?

      • Uses MkvExtractGUI to extract fonts, subs,…

        • aonefans
        • Posted August 29, 2009 at 7:12 pm
        • Permalink

        Cheers mate.

  2. oh no. Koharubi has caught up!

  3. I’m waiting for episode 07.
    This anime is so funny and i love Kanae Ito’s voice (Mihoshi)

  4. I know this has been already answered but will you release a patch for Sora no Manimani 06 for the fonts?

    • Hmm No patch has been released. I think it shouldnt happen for ep 7onwards.

  5. Did you drop this series?

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