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SNS3 Screen Title AoneFans

Plot Summary: Jinto and Lafiel were riding on a light-armed transport ship “Bokbrusue” and navigating at the planar space of the Hyde System. This was for Jinto to govern the Hyde System, which returned to Empirial rule after the Union retreated, officially as an Earl. However, the government of Martin, Jinto`s motherland, resisted obstinately against the Empirial rule. On the other side, “Daiichi Jyuurin Sentai” (the First Devastation Fleet), formed with the new ship type “Attack Vessel”, travelled to the Hyde System for drilling practices, but… . Reference from ANN

Name : : [AonE-Conclave]_Seikai_no_Senki_III_-_02_[4A40B3B1].mkv

Size: 420.62 MB

This can also be obtained via IRC at #AnimeOne on or torrent below :

Download : [Torrent] DVD ISO Version

Just an interesting side fact: This will be my last AnimeOne Sub ( I work for ANBU) that I will take part in. This project started in Spring 2005 and only finished last week. Took over 20 RC’S and 4 years from start to finish. I hope you enjoy this OVA release.



  1. Is it possible to make up a packlist page on this site? I don’t see why not, unless it’s high maintenance.

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