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#Name: [AonE-Diffusion]_Tsubasa_Shunraiki_-_02_[Xvid-MP3]_[5A9B769F].avi
Size: 267.98 MB

#Name: [AonE-Diffusion]_Tsubasa_Shunraiki_-_02_[H264-AAC]_[58D0E5D0].mkv
Size: 265.14 MB

This can also be obtained via IRC at #AnimeOne on or torrents below :

Download : [Torrent] Xvid Version

Download : [Torrent] HD Version



  1. Thanks for the subs!!

    Although there were certain moments where the subs were a bit iffy due to inaccurate translation, grammatical errors and comma splices :(..

    If you need any editors – I would love to help out! 😀

    • Which parts had problems ? Highlight a few.

  2. Oh wow you guys actually responded!! 😀

    Well generally it’s more like nitpicky-ness on my part since I’m such a big fan of this series.

    I think the two lines that really bothered me the most was: 20:18 – 20:21 – both Kurogane’s and Fai’s lines. Those are really pivotal lines and I literally cringed when I read them. Maybe it’s just preference on your part, but I felt that just a plain ol’ “I’m goin'” and “I’m going” is good enough. The fact that you translated Fai’s “So would I” degrades the significance of his line (and not to mention gramatically incorrect, it’s supposed to be “so will I”). I believe there is a difference when someone says “I’m going” and when someone says “me too”. Besides, his line “Iki masu” was nowhere near “me too”. The pivotal moment in these two lines is that the viewers see that both Fai and Kurogane have decided to continue to help Syaoran out of their own free will.

    Other nitpicky-ness like a few lines before that when Syaoran said “Dochira mono”. I saw that as “Whichever one” instead of “both of them” – that’s purely opinioned based though. But the fact that they both hold different meanings is also concerning…

    As for comma splices…I’m too lazy to go and rummage for them because overall your subs ARE good, I love them – much better than the other subbers XD

    I’m really happy that you guys care enough to reply to my comment – a lot of respect! :3

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