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Name : [AonE-Menclave] Macross F 25 [1280×720 H.264_AAC] [56E38864]
Size : 700.04 MiB

Download : [Torrent] 1080 FULLHD Version (MKV)



  1. whoa…lol…

    late post again.


  2. would there be 720p mp4 and 400p avi releases of this? please, there must be so i can play them on console XD

    you guys are the best subs of this series so i want yours always to be archived instead of the speedy ones 😛

    • The Low res versions will be out soon.

        • Max
        • Posted July 9, 2009 at 7:16 am
        • Permalink

        thanks for replying and alas, it’s been released! yosha!

        domo arigato gozaimasu *bows deeply*

  3. Nicely done! Thanks for finishing it up.

    I’m behind on watching this, so I’ll see the whole glorious sage AonE style

  4. i want to know what program do you guys use to encode it to mp4(PS3 format one)

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