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File Name :[AonE-Menclave] Macross F 22 [1280x720_H.264_AAC] [678584F4].mkv

File Size : 354Mb

Download : [Torrent] 720p HD (MKV) Version

Download : [Torrent] 1080 FULLHD Version (MP4)

Download : [Torrent] 1080 FULLHD Version (MKV)



  1. wow…just wow.

    you guys finally release another episode?


  2. So episode 22 is finally out. Thanks a lot.

    Any chance for a release of the mp4-version of episode 21 any time soon ?

  3. hi, do you know where i can download kyou kara maoh? i tried the link at but it’s invalid? thank you for your time 🙂

  4. Thank you very much, nice work, but will this episode also be released as a 704p (AVI)? If you don’t like to seed something like that, could you at least upload it on , or something like that, please?

    Btw: episode 15 in 704p as .avi seems for me not to be seeded either…

  5. Uhm… excuse me, but where can I find Daa! Daa! Daa! ep 64 – 78? I know it’s not finished yet, but how long should we wait?

    • Its not out yet. Not sure about the waiting period but AonE is trying its best to push the project out. Thanks for your support.

  6. @KAN-303
    What is 704p ??? There’s no such thing.

    The progressive resolution of 1280×720 is called 720p (HDready) and 1920×1080 should be called 1080p (FullHD). The AVI is just 400p (704×400). This is how it works…

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