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IrlinaHmm I got kinda distracted when I was posted the previous post. Anyway back the subject at hand. The other manga that I was supposed to bring to your attention  was : Id – The Greatest Fusion Fantasy. As Most of you readers know I love fantasy stuff whether its a fantasy based game,anime or manga.  Did a random search for such manga and this title came up. The manga is Korean based but the English scans are top notch.  The story basically follows the advantage of the main hero (who looks like a girl but isn’t) Chunwha when he gets transported to a world with elves ,dwarves, swords man and mages. Awesome stuff it has a tons of battles and Chunwha falls in love with the hot elf above Irlina over the course of the series.  The series is being scanned by Kmts


I have uploaded Chp1Vol 1 of this manga here. Use Winrar and download all four files and rename the file ext by removing the .pdf extension.


PPS: The projects pages should be updated soon.



  1. maybe it would be nice if we got some michiko to hatchin episodes…and maybe some macross frontier?

  2. ffs, quit your whining suiton.

    Anyways, hot elf is hot 🙂

  3. i got all the veritas chapters from [hz]. i have yet to read them. it seems like it’ll be good.

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