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vega-red-dress1No releases from AnimeOne Today but that doesn’t mean I have to wait for the sky to fall. In between school work and watching all those great TV shows that I download Manga and check out whats Hot on that Scene ( Ed – The anime scene and manga scene are totally different yet the same in some ways ) A good number of the visitors to this blog site probably download Manga as well and most likely it might be stuff like Narutard, One Piece or Bleach. Well I do read those series but I am always on the look out for new manga. And I came across 2 interesting Korean Manga ( Eng Subbed Of Cuz) The first one is called Veritas which follows the story of a kid called Kangryong who came across Youcheon, who teaches him a powerful skills. Youcheon left Kangryong saying to him that he has too many enemy’s and they are hunting him down. He leaves Kangryong to practice on his own the skills that he already taught. However one year later, people from a organization called reunion come to see him and announce that his “master” is dead. Because he is the only student Youcheon had they require him to come to a school everyone has supernatural fighting powers. The school teaches the students in there to unlock their powers and Kangryong is the biggest underdog ever to enter. Looks of fighting and tons of panty shots in this Manga but its very explosive and hard to put down once u start reading it.



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  1. Wait, thats only 1 manga. Which one was the other one?

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