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This release sort of passed under the radar for me. Macross Frontier 21 out by Aone & Menclave. Just 4 eps to go to finish another project !

Download : [ Torrent ]

In the meantime I still got to update the Completed Projects page and Current Projects page. Look out for those changes sometime over the next week.




  1. Thanks for more Macross Frontier greatness!

    Couple questions:

    Can we get Megaupload or Rapishare links?

    And will you be using the extended version of episode 25 from the DVD/Blu-Ray release?

    Thanks again.

  2. Looks like this’ll become the “official” Aone release site again 😉

  3. So~

    This is AonE’s official site now?

    • Yes it will be till i get bored or something – X^

      • Then what are you going to do with

        Oh, and I notice that this site/blog lacks the section with things like:

        –Active Projects
        –Completed Projects
        –Dropped Projects

        –Torrent Tracker Link


  4. It’ll go back to old times I’d imagine.

    aonefans: news, releases
    gotwoot: tracker, forum

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