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Title Screen Ep 17

Yo peeps hows it going over there ?

I have been waiting for AnimeOne to release this ep for a while because it gives me a reason to update the blog ! 😀 LoL. Well i could have updated on what I was doing but i got sidetracked with some mid term exams that I just had. So without any further delays here you go.

Download : [ Torrent ]

P.S. I haven’t watched the first 16 Eps but please feel free to comment on how the ep was using comment options !! Thank you and if there was any problems with the ep plz don’t hesitate to highlight those ^_^V.

I have plans for this blog and some of my plans is to post screen shots of the anime that we sub. I wasn’t able to do this with the previous blog as i didnt have any space to do so but with wordpress 3 gig hosting i can finally play around with a few more options !

Things i will be updating next will be the project that AnimeOne did or dropped over the last 2 years. I might add a staff list but that needs to wait as i still havent figured out what people’s roles are yet.Haha in the mean time i came across something interesting over here : [ Shikabane Hime ]

Well check the credits out closely !! Do you guys know what I am looking at ?? Well those hardcore AnimeOne fans should be able to spot it straight away !! If don’t then .. hehe I am not going to tell you 😛

Flower in a Glass Yay !


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