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Hmm OK Question for you smart peeps. What is the status of AnimeOne’s projects ? Well to answer that you would visit to find out. But ! .. Gotwoot doesn’t tell you what AnimeOne is subbing or even what the status of your favourite show is at if it hasn’t been released for a while.

I shall enlighten you poor souls that AnimeOne is moving along at decent speed for projects that we have been subbing. After talking to the crew and of cuz lurking safely from a distance 😛 Our newest project is @ the timing stage and should hit Kara/TS soon within a few hours. Yay .I will be posting screen shots of the Ep once it is done.

Ah the benefits of lurking on irc is Finding random Websites that might be interesting. Such as this a online flash game…looks fun and simple lol. Check it out.


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  1. Wow, talk about reincarnation!

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