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Monthly Archives: April 2009


This release sort of passed under the radar for me. Macross Frontier 21 out by Aone & Menclave. Just 4 eps to go to finish another project !

Download : [ Torrent ]

In the meantime I still got to update the Completed Projects page and Current Projects page. Look out for those changes sometime over the next week.



Hey guys how has it been going ? Nothing much happening over at AnimeOne however for me I have been busy playing a bunch of playstation 2 games. Since the Playstation 3 is overpriced and totally doesn’t have any games worth my time at the moment ( Not Till FF13 Anyway) I picked up Persona 4 preorder off Amazon.Com and clocked 80hours of game play. It has been a awesome game so far and there has been so much more improvements over the previous Persona 3. Personal 3 was an hard act to follow but I feel that persona 4 did that and so much more !! Totally love this game :D. Besides this I am current playing Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core on my PSP 3000 ( Totally sucks that it cant play homebrew Argh !! ) . Now off to another Ep of Prison Break Yay !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

persona 4 shin megami tenshi

Title Screen Ep 17

Yo peeps hows it going over there ?

I have been waiting for AnimeOne to release this ep for a while because it gives me a reason to update the blog ! ๐Ÿ˜€ LoL. Well i could have updated on what I was doing but i got sidetracked with some mid term exams that I just had. So without any further delays here you go.

Download : [ Torrent ]

P.S. I haven’t watched the first 16 Eps but please feel free to comment on how the ep was using comment options !! Thank you and if there was any problems with the ep plz don’t hesitate to highlight those ^_^V.

I have plans for this blog and some of my plans is to post screen shots of the anime that we sub. I wasn’t able to do this with the previous blog as i didnt have any space to do so but with wordpress 3 gig hosting i can finally play around with a few more options !

Things i will be updating next will be the project that AnimeOne did or dropped over the last 2 years. I might add a staff list but that needs to wait as i still havent figured out what people’s roles are yet.Haha in the mean time i came across something interesting over here : [ Shikabane Hime ]

Well check the credits out closely !! Do you guys know what I am looking at ?? Well those hardcore AnimeOne fans should be able to spot it straight away !! If don’t then .. hehe I am not going to tell you ๐Ÿ˜›

Flower in a Glass Yay !

Hmm OK Question for you smart peeps. What is the status of AnimeOne’s projects ? Well to answer that you would visit to find out. But ! .. Gotwoot doesn’t tell you what AnimeOne is subbing or even what the status of your favourite show is at if it hasn’t been released for a while.

I shall enlighten you poor souls that AnimeOne is moving along at decent speed for projects that we have been subbing. After talking to the crew and of cuz lurking safely from a distance ๐Ÿ˜› Our newest project is @ the timing stage and should hit Kara/TS soon within a few hours. Yay .I will be posting screen shots of the Ep once it is done.

Ah the benefits of lurking on irc is Finding random Websites that might be interesting. Such as this a online flash game…looks fun and simple lol. Check it out.

Another year has gone by and its time to reflect on whats has been done and what hasnt ! Just turned 27 years old today. Cant believe time has gone by so quick ! And to think i joined AnimeOne when i was like 20 years old. ^_____^
I will be updating the Status of all AnimeOne projects and posting them over here soon. And also maybe i might get out of retirement and get back into subbing. Ah new stuff to learn and advance !

*X^` goes to have cake and presents !

Happy Birthday U baka !

Happy Birthday U baka !